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Local Business Citation Audit

To begin, our team will perform a full citation audit of your online local business, the most important thing in a local business ranking first on every search engine is if they find your brand to be consistent & legitimate. Our audit process will make sure there are never any mix ups on any of your online business citations.

Business Directory Citation Building

Once the initial audit is complete, our team will begin distributing your business info across dozens of relevant, trusted, & favored business directories. Local directory citations are vastly important if you want to rank well with search engines. Our team makes sure you are in the BEST directories for your niche and market.

Desirable Media Citations

This section is our secret ranking weapon because hardly anyone is using this method & no one uses it as EFFECTIVELY as us. Sharing your photos, videos, and other media content with the most trusted sites (such as youtube, dailymotiion & others) is a SUPER way to outrank competitors who are unaware these wonderful avenues of traffic even exist.

Social Media Citations

Social media is starting to make a greater & greater impact on search engines ranking factors, this trend should continue on that upward trajectory as more new social media platforms emerge and existing social media platforms continue to evolve. Now is the best time to start branching out to quality & trustworthy social media platforms that will help get your business known locally and ranking first on search engines.