Local Business Solutions

Custom Client-centric Campaigns

Local Catalyst provides strategies & solutions to businesses in order to help them increase visibility to paying customers via the internet. We build specifically for our clients industry, sector, city and much, much, more. We also consult our clients before we sign them on to make sure that they understand our work and that the opportunity for a return on investment is possible for them and realistic throughout every milestone of the campaign.


Every Campaign starts with a professional consult to determine if our services can provide a sufficient return on investment for our customer. If we cant help you, we’ll refer you to someone who can and were always happy to give you some advice on how to grow awareness and status in your local industry.

More Traffic, More Sales

Get your office phone ringing & your front door swinging with the “Local Catalyst” package. Guaranteed to raise awareness of your business, get more valuable traffic to your site, and (since the only people who are going to be interested in your local business site are people who are already looking for your help) you’ll receive more profitable leads online and put your business name on the first page of all the major search engines to make sure any customer in your area who needs your service can easily find you online.

Manual Citation Building

With manual local citation building you’ll receive perfectly filled out online profiles on the most trusted & important business directory sites on the web(i.e. Yelp, Yellowpages, Angieslist & up to 90 more) which any search engine would beĀ  to happy to present on it’s first page, once we complete our building campaign well give you a full report on all your new traffic generating profiles.

Keep Your Online Business Record Spotless

As a result of reviewing 100’s of custom local SEO campaigns, we’ve seen it time and time again: The greatest factor of a local business showing up on search engines first page is consistent and trustworthy online profiles. Search engines gather information based on your various online profiles (the more numerous the better) however if your profiles contain incorrect or inconsistent info, search engines will bypass your result and show another viable option, don’t worry though with our help you’ll be the one hogging all that golden local traffic.

Quick Turnaround, Fast Results

One of the most beneficial bonuses of the Local Catalyst pack is the speed of which our clients see results, usually within the first month of use, this makes it safe to try and verify that our services are bringing your specific local business more profitable traffic as well as increasing your rank on major search engines.

  • Social Media Profiles
  • Video Sharing Profiles
  • Photo Sharing Listings
  • Local Business Listings
  • Mobile Device Oriented Listings
  • Photo Sharing Profiles

    One of the most underrated and scarcely used methods of increasing your online business presence is to share every photo or image of you and your business and linking them and your website to the most trusted and most relevant photo gallery’s on the internet, not only will this double your link building efforts, but your photos and videos will also begin showing up on search engines whenever someone looks for a photo in your industry.

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  • Business Directory Profiles

    Getting listed with all the major business directories is always the first step to attracting local customers like never before, not only will you increase your local business awareness by having perfectly filled out listings on over 90 of the top directories on the web, you’ll also be able to boost your rankings on major search engines like Google & Bing by linking your business-site on all your new profiles, for example if your already on the second page of Google our services can help you rank on the first page and thus increase traffic to your site organically which in turn increases sales/revenue for you.

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  • Mobile Device Targeted Campaigns

    Did you know up to 75% of all google searches are coming from mobile devices, that means its more important than ever to be registered on as many mobile friendly apps, websites, & directories as you can, no worries though, our team puts a great emphasis on making your business site the first result a customer sees when he searches for your keywords.

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  • Social Platform Profiles

    Everyone knows the major social media platforms, (i.e. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook) however why not branch out to all the relevant platforms? Creating social proof of a top notch business is extremely important to all major search engines but also helps in terms of mass brand awareness, because as long as there is a platform for you to advertise your local business to viable clients, for free, why not take full advantage of it.

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  • Video Sharing Citations

    Video sharing is a lot like photo sharing but with a completely new set of websites, links, and viewers, thus increasing your online business presence even further. Videos are also the biggest trend and the best way to absorb information in this modern age. Yet another reason why video sharing is so effective for my clients is because hardly anyone else uses this method to the extent that we do, we take the utmost care when hand crafting your online profiles so each one is credible and enticing to major search engines.

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